Business Support for Carbon Pricing in MA

Local businesses are often the most ingrained in their communities, and therefore have a lot to lose from the impacts of climate change. Massachusetts has ambitious GHG reduction targets to reach by 2020 and 2050, and putting a price on carbon has the ability to send a clear market signal to households and businesses about the real costs of climate change, while also investing in the local Massachusetts economy. A carbon tax would put Massachusetts on the road towards a more effective climate change policy and could further prove what carbon pricing in other areas, such as British Columbia, has already illustrated: environmental impacts can be reduced without sacrificing economic growth. By supporting a price on carbon in Massachusetts, local businesses can effectively fight climate change while simultaneously supporting the local economy, job creation and financial sustainability. This workshop by the Climate Action Business Association will explore what carbon pricing could look like here in Massachusetts, what impacts it could have, and what local businesses are already doing to organize in support of putting a price on carbon.