Thriving with Water - A Community Process

With climate change and rising sea levels, Boston and its citizens are facing unprecedented challenges in the coming decades. Rather than reacting to these changes through infrastructure improvements alone, this should be viewed as an opportunity to the engage the community in a collaborative dialogue that maximizes the potential synergistic benefits of rising waters. “Thriving with Water” will focus increasing social resilience through broad citizen engagement and process ownership across Boston’s diverse communities. In the first session, we will propose four principles around co-designing creative solutions to ensure a bright future for the city and its inhabitants. In the second, we will discuss ideas for the next steps to begin the community engagement process in order to prepare for and benefit from the effects of climate change. In both sessions, there will be ample time for asking questions, sharing thoughts, and discussing ideas and solutions. Our communities are counting on us all to work together to not only to live with water, but to thrive.